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All of our cleaners are highly-trained, bonded and insured

Our Speedway commercial cleaning services professionals are at the center of what we do and of all our interactions with our clientele. Anago has become one of the most respected janitorial businesses in our industry due not only to the janitorial services we provide but also to the quality of the people who perform those services. All of our cleaning professionals are bonded and insured for the work they do. Furthermore, they are highly and continuously trained on our custodial services as well as provided with the most cutting edge green cleaning products and equipment. Our many services include carpet and floor cleaning, and the services right for you will be determined and included in your very own custom tailored cleaning plan. The greatest plan in the world, however, wouldn't mean much without qualified individuals to carry it out. Our cleaners represent the best our industry has to offer.

When our cleaners go to work in your office or commercial facility they are committed to leaving it much cleaner, safer and healthier than they found it. We are proud to serve both small businesses and national corporations with a presence in the city of Speedway, Indiana, offering janitorial services that are carried out with consistent excellence. It is important that our cleaning professionals are bonded and insured before they set sight on your property, and ours always are. Our cleaners bring the benefit of extensive experience to the table, yet are always open to learning and evolving in their chosen profession.

Is it time you ramped up the cleaning efforts at your office or commercial facility? If so there is no better place to start than with the proven professionals that make up the Anago team. Only the most highly motivated professionals clean under the Anago umbrella, and you can expect the services you pay for to be carried out in the same precise fashion every time we clean.

There has never been a better time to schedule your initial consultation with Anago Cleaning Systems. The more you learn about Anago, the more you'll realize how our services can benefit your company. Our team is bonded, insured, highly trained and highly motivated to do right by you.

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