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Cleaning Services

Here at Anago of Indianapolis we clean the way you want us to and as little or as often as you would like. We offer businesses in and around Indianapolis janitorial cleaning services that are effective and affordable, and bring reliability to an industry often lacking in it. We will work closely with you to create a custom plan featuring only the custodial services that make sense for you. Furthermore, we will go about creating your custom detailed plan in a way that suits your budget.

Systematic Accountability

Our commercial cleaning services are not done in a vacuum. We have established a system of procedures and checklists so that we are accountable for our work at all times. We keep accurate on-site records so you can stay up-to-date on completed work. Meanwhile, we make certain that all requests and work orders are sent to the customer as well as our office.

Your own Customer Service Advocate.

Your satisfaction is so important to us that we assign you your own Customer Service Advocate. This advocate will conduct weekly and monthly inspections, and will value your feedback on the quality of our work. Our goal is to continuously address your needs and deal with issues before they become bigger ones. An open line of communication with your Customer Service Advocate is a wonderful way to make sure all of your needs are being met. We are just as exceptional at listening as we are at cleaning. If you have a problem, it will be taken care of the right way the first time.

We take the time to get to know your facility so that we can better understand your goals in hiring us. Your account representative along with an Anago Operations Manager and the head of the cleaning crew will join you in an Operational Walk-Through of your facility. This walk-through will allow both sides to ask questions and receive answers, and will allow us to gain a feel for what you would like us to accomplish in terms of cleaning your facility. By taking this step, we can assure that our cleaning crews go to work with a copy of your customized cleaning specifications and greater clarity as to your priorities and expectations from the operational walk-through notes we compile.

We can't emphasize enough that should you at any time be unsatisfied with our work on any level, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately. We will address your request on-site within two hours. Such urgency is in line with our overriding commitment to addressing your cleaning needs so that you can concentrate on your day-to-day business responsibilities.