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One of the biggest challenges Indianapolis manufacturing plants face is finding reliable facilities cleaning services with adequate experience handling the specific needs of industrial cleaning. Most Indiana commercial cleaning services cannot address the issues manufacturing facilities pose. Dirt, dust, mold, rust, and bacteria can halt production temporarily or even shut down operations completely. In order to avoid product recalls, product contamination, worker injuries, and even employee deaths, a comprehensive plan is needed to make sure that all of your facility's cleaning standards are both met and exceeded.

Our industrial facilities cleaning crews pride themselves on their methodical approach, high level of attention to detail and exceptional customer service. When you contact one of our client relation specialists, we will make an appointment to visit your manufacturing plant. It is only once we have walked through your space that we can come up with a comprehensive cleaning plan to meet your needs.

We provide the following commercial cleaning services throughout Indianapolis for manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, as well as light and heavy industrial properties:

Our experienced and reliable janitors are available as often as you need them: 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Anago Indianapolis' custodial staff is bonded and insured. They keep detailed checklists of their progress on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly projects. We strive to always ensure that your personal cleaning preferences and industry standards are met on a consistent basis.

Anago Indianapolis is proud to be an environmentally conscious cleaning company. We offer green cleaning solutions for every industry. Our all-natural products power through dirt and grime while staying gentle on the environment. Experience the difference of a cleaning service without harsh residues or smells.

Whether you have a 1,000-square foot manufacturing plant or a 200,000-square foot industrial plant, we can provide a customized solution for your space. See how much more efficient a spotlessly clean facility can be. Contact our representatives for a free on-site consultation today!

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