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Those in need of ceramic tile cleaning, grout cleaning and concrete flooring cleaning have a valued resource in Anago Cleaning Systems. Our floor care professionals are well-versed in a variety of floor maintenance processes and procedures, which are spelled out below.

Auto Scrubbing

This process is perfect for large floors of the kind found in warehouses, athletic facilities and the like. We employ auto scrubbers that are far more effective and efficient than cleaning such large areas manually. We can help you get rid of the thick build-up caused by floor cleaning products, polish and dirt and grease and keep your ceramic tile or vinyl floors looking like new.

We also offer an acid wash service that can rejuvenate your older tile flooring as well as remove any "grout haze" from newly installed or re-grouted tile flooring. We highly recommend this technique, which has proven very effective in restoring tile flooring.

Tile Scrubbing

Is your tile flooring dull and listless? If so, Tile Scrubbing may be just what it needs to restore itself.

Concrete Floor Auto Scrubbing

If your business facility has concrete floors you'll want to speak with our commercial cleaning professionals. We work with many commercial facilities that have concrete floors, offering auto scrubbing, power scrubbing and power washing services for sealed, unsealed and epoxy concrete floors. We are experienced in the type of heavy-duty industrial cleaning issues you face, and can promise you great results.

Cocnrete Floor Acid Washing

Concrete floor acid washing, also known as acid etching, is used for a variety of purposes on concrete floors. These include:

It is important to note that acid washing is not to be mistaken for acid staining. As noted in the second bullet point above, acid washing is a preparatory step to be taken before acid staining commences.

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