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Our system of checks and balances will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Accountability is a word our Nora commercial cleaning services professionals take very seriously. Our goal is to do much more than provide janitorial services for your commercial facility. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and we have incorporated a number of checks and balances into our system to ensure it. From on-site work orders that detail the work done to follow-ups in person in order to check on the custodial services performed to actively soliciting your feedback, we pursue custom satisfaction as few other janitorial businesses do. From the very beginning of our relationship on through every time we clean at your facility you will see our commitment to individualized service in action. Anago offers a number of services including carpet and floor cleaning and cleans responsibly by using green cleaning products.

If you own a business or are in charge of a commercial or manufacturing facility in Nora, Indiana our janitorial services professionals would love to speak with you. We know that you want your office or commercial facility to look its best, and strive to provide a clean and healthy workspace for your staff. Anago Cleaning Systems shares these goals with you, and can make them a reality. We offer a reliability that is a rarity among janitorial businesses, and carry out our work with exacting precision. The checks and balances we employ allow us to stay on top of any potential issues and make certain that the work you pay for is the work we complete.

Since the majority of our work is carried out long after you and your team have left the office for the day, it is imperative that there is an accounting of the services performed in your absence. We have found that leaving on-site logs of the work completed allows you to systematically make sure we clean all areas agreed to and communicate back and forth with you in the message section. Anago Cleaning Systems has always welcomed the feedback of our customers, as it allows us to take our performance to a consistently higher level.

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