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The businesses and commercial facilities in Lebanon using our commercial cleaning services represent a variety of industries. You see, Anago's janitorial services professionals are prepared to clean in any setting and our client list is proof positive of our versatility. What we bring to the table more than anything is experience in any setting, which is why our custodial services translate so well. We clean offices, warehouses, industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, schools, restaurants, places of worship, country clubs and more, and we do so using green cleaning products, modern equipment and time-tested methods and techniques. Look to us for carpet and hard surface floor cleaning, disinfection and surface cleaning, trash removal, restroom cleaning and more. Discover firsthand what makes Anago more versatile than any janitorial business in the Indianapolis metro area today.

The type of business you have and the work that takes place in your commercial facility is not what matters to us at Anago. What matters is how we can fulfill your commercial cleaning needs, because we know we can. We want to be a valued resource for businesses in Lebanon, Indianapolis and surrounding areas, providing janitorial services steeped in proven cleaning methods and a precise, disciplined work ethic.

Here at Anago we believe in paying great attention to detail. In the context of the custodial services we will provide for you, this refers to getting to know your facility inside and out and listening to you as you describe your cleaning needs to us. In this way we can come to agreement on the details of your custom tailored cleaning plan, allowing us to clean more efficiently and effectively moving forward.

Take a look around your office or commercial facility. Do you see a place that is as clean and healthy as it could be? The fact that you are considering hiring a commercial cleaner shows that you aspire higher as it pertains to the cleanliness of your facility, and Anago Cleaning Systems can help you in this endeavor. We are proud to serve a variety of industries each and every day with custom cleaning options that truly work.

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