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Let Anago create a custom cleaning plan that suits your cleaning needs to a tee.

Anago is committed to providing our clients in Castleton commercial cleaning services that are customized just for them. Custom cleaning plans are a huge part of what sets our janitorial services apart from other janitorial businesses, and are a prime example of our overriding commitment to personalized customer service. We know that each client is unique and their uniqueness applies to the custodial services that are right for their office or commercial facility. We will work closely with you to create a plan that shines a spotlight on just the right services and how often we will perform them in a way that suits your budget. From surface to floor cleaning and everything in between, we will carry out our work with precision using proven cleaning methods and green cleaning products. Our success is based upon personalizing the experience for you. Let's get to work on your custom tailored cleaning plan today.

Creating a custom cleaning plan with your involvement is our way of showing that we are listening to what you have to say, and value your input above all else. Business owners in Castleton, including those at Indianapolis' largest mall, Castleton Square, know the janitorial services they need better than we do. While we will always offer our recommendations we are not in the business of selling you on services you don't need. That is a trick lesser janitorial businesses ascribe to, but not Anago. The cleaning services we provide and how often we perform them are entirely up to you.

Anago Cleaning Systems is a valued resource for businesses in the Indianapolis metro area. Janitorial services are not and should not be considered a "one size fits all" proposition. How each of our custodial services fits, or doesn't fit, into your cleaning equation is something we take the time to consider. With your valued input, we can create a perfect plan of action and carry it out to perfection each and every time.

Schedule your free consultation with the cleaning professionals of Anago at your convenience. We serve the Indianapolis metro area with pride.

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