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We are committed to cleaning in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible way

Our Carmel commercial cleaning services professionals are committed to the Anago ideal of cleaning in an environmentally responsible fashion. Carmel is home to many businesses, include 40 corporate headquarters of major companies such as Geico and NextGear. It is important to us that we leave your office or commercial facility clean, safe and healthy, to that end, we use only green cleaning products and equipment in the performance of carpet and floor cleaning and all of our custodial services. When you think about it, it is not too much to ask of a janitorial business to clean responsibly and safely. Even so, there are many companies who choose to use strong chemical-based traditional cleaning products. You will never have that problem with Anago. We know that a safe and healthy work environment will make your team more productive, and we can help you to provide the very best workplace possible for them.

It is a great time to be a commercial cleaning company. New products and technologies with a green cleaning bent are allowing us to clean in a more responsible fashion. The businesses and commercial facilities in Carmel know our janitorial services are carried out with precision and care on every level. Carrying out our custodial services in a way that honors the environment as well as your employees and visitors to your office is our highest priority, and nobody does it better. We take great pride in serving the business community in the Indianapolis metro area. Put our janitorial services to work for you.

You hear a great deal about "cleaning green" these days, and well you should. Here at Anago we find that our customers are concerned about cleaning in an environmentally conscious way, and we are excited that we feel this way. You should demand the same type of commitment from the janitorial business you choose to clean your office or commercial facility, and when you do your due diligence you'll see that we are more than up to the task.

The traditional cleaning products that once were the standard for our industry are now out-of-date. The chemicals and other harmful ingredients they use are no longer acceptable. As far as Anago is concerned, green is the way to go!

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