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Our Mission: Our Franchisees. Their Success

It is no secret that the success of Anago Cleaning Systems depends upon the quality and success of our franchisees. If you are interested in becoming a business owner, we invite you to consider joining the Anago team via a cleaning franchise opportunity in the booming commercial cleaning industry. Business opportunities like ours come around once in a lifetime. Let us make your dream of owning a business a reality.

What separates our cleaning business opportunity from other franchise options? We have a proven model from our sister company in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton area since 2005 for building successful franchises, and offer a level of ongoing support that is unrivaled in this or any other industry. Your goals are our goals, and though you may have never considered a career in janitorial services you'll be amazed at the opportunity that awaits you.

Join the Anago Team

What we offer is an opportunity to become a business owner affordably along with all of the tools you will need for sustained success. Any business endeavor is a risk/reward proposition, but Anago minimizes the risk and maximizes the potential rewards. Your earning potential is what you want it to be, and the sky is truly the limit.

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Free UpgradeOur cleaning franchise opportunity consistently ranks as one of the best franchise opportunities anywhere. Anago Cleaning Systems was ranked as the Fifth Fastest Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine in 2014. We currently have opportunities available in the Indianapolis Metro area, and can secure profitable accounts for you.

The Right Industry at the Right Time

Consider the fact that every building you pass during the course of your day needs cleaning. Someone will profit from that fact, and it could be you. Our industry is recession proof and continues to grow at a truly impressive rate that few if any other industries can match. In fact the commercial cleaning industry is an industry worth over $100 billion, and remains largely untapped! Commercial offices, office buildings and facilities will always need cleaning services, allowing you the opportunity to become a business owner in an industry built for success.

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Getting started is easy. Contact us today to speak with a member of our sales team at (317) 500-0368 to learn more. We would love to speak with you about joining the Anago team.

Ranked in Entrepreneur Low Cost Franchises for 2012
Ranked in Inc 5000's fastest growing private companies in 2010
Ranked by the National Minority Franchising Initiative in top 50 franchises for minorities, as seen in USA Today
Top Franchises For Vets
Green Seal Certified
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If you would like to get a cleaning quote or have questions or comments we would be pleased to hear from you!

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